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The Battle of Marawi - Philippine Army VS Maute ISIS

Marawi siege by Maute - ISIS 
Marawi, a small town in the southern Philippines is under-sieged by the Maute group who wanted  to be recognized by ISIS in Syria.  It all started when the Philippine army was initiating an offensive to the safe house of Isnilon Totoni Hapilon, a former leader of Abu-Sayyaf and who is linked to ISIS.  His followers started occupying the entrances of the town and that was the start of the battle.   Philippine President who was in Russia during the siege declared Martial Law, and he cut short his visit and scheduled to fly back to the Philippines.   The International news were talking speculations that the town were taken, but actually the Philippiine Army was able to control the situation fast but the total casualty now reached to 100. It was found that some of the Maute dead were foreigners and that was one reason that the siege in Marawi is not something to be left alone to the military, but the government must stop them totally. 

The militants were equipped with high powered weapons and RPGs they were able to destroy two armor vehicles.  They have snipers too, but now the Army unleashed the Army Rangers and Marines to neutralize the militants.

There are many die-hard critics of the President, especially on the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao but many of these critics are supporters of the Aquino and UP students who are not from Mindanao, but majority of the Filipinos are supporting it and are tired of the lawlessness and war in Mindanao.   The President is loved by Mindanao-ans and he is the only President who boosted the moral of the soldiers and locals who were affected by the war.   

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