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Abu-sayaf foiled kidnapping plans in Bohol

Military VS Abu-sayaf in Bohol
On April 10, 2017  armed men in three pump boats were spotted then on the early morning local police and military entered their lair and that was how the 20 hour of gun battle started.  Bohol is known as the best tourist destination in the Visayas because of its white sandy beaches, chocolate hills and the tarsiers.  It is very far from Mindanao and or Sulu, and if we looked back to the history Bohol had never been a typical place for battles or military, even in World War II there were only few skirmishes that took place in Bohol, and that's because Cebu took the role as the strategic island for commerce and trade, but the lesser populated and developed Bohol made her historic churches and natural beauties preserved well, thus bringing more tourists in the province.   The terrorists in Sulu were tempted by the number of foreign tourists freely roaming around the island province, they thought that Boholanos are a kind of people that would never care on anything in their surrounding.  I had visited Mindanao, particularly Cotabato many times and had seen many soldiers passing by, check-points, army vehicles, etc. it is a common sighting there, and if you are new to a place with so many soldiers you get nervous.  I live in Bohol for 17 years, and Bohol is like a paradise that is rare for you to see soldiers with high powered rifles.  So, the big mistake that terrorists had done in Bohol was the mere fact that they UNDERESTIMATE THE BOHOLANOS.

So here it is:

1.  Boholanos are noted Vigilant -- there were so many lawless criminals tried to escape in Bohol before, but easily captured here and that's because Boholanos would not leave their eyes on strangers.
2.  Boholanos are very friendly and happy people, so if you are new and acting strange -- they will not hesitate to report you.
3.  Boholanos knew their territory and their neighbors very well -- and one more thing Bohol's smallest government unit, the so called Barangay is working closely in monitoring their community and their people. I remember I was one of the marketing staff to go to the far away barangays to conduct a talk to their schools, and we were welcomed interrogated by the people in friendly way.  They always proud and happy to have visitors and wanted to know why you are there.

4.  Boholanos are religious people and mostly Christians.

5.  Boholanos are proud of their province  and they love Bohol so much!  They always support the local government's projects and its government is very supportive to the Boholanos.

6. and lastly --- BOHOLANOS are intelligent and brave.

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