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The Secret of China's J-20 - Stealth Fighter

The Secret of China's J-20 - Stealth Fighter
The Secret of China's J-20 - Stealth Fighter
Everybody is talking about the US F-35 and the Russia's T-50, but China has something to level with the two super power stealth fighters, the J-20.
The J-20 is powered by Russian Jet engines and the rest is made in China.  This baby is no ordinary fighter jet though it is not as powerful as the F-35 in terms of sensors and data fusion, but it can be a dangerous jet int the skies of pacific.

According to most airforce engineers that the J-20 may have a good electronic warfare systems and electro-optical infrared sensor that can be similar to the F-35, and the J-20 may have an amazing sensors, it might lack the senor fusion and networking that made the F-35 a good hunter in the skies.
The Secret of China's J-20 - Stealth Fighter

J-20 - Chinese Stealth Fighter

Length21.26 Meters (69.75 Feet)
Wing span12.88 Meters (42.26 Feet)
Canard span7.62 Meters (25.00 Feet)
Height4.45 Meters (14.60 Feet)
Empty weight17 Tons
Loaded Weight?25 Tons
T-O weight (normal)
Fuel reserve, spec. weight
Max landing weight, kg
Maximum speed(When Powered with WS-15 turbofan engine)
At altitudeMach 2.5 (1903 mph, 3062 km/h)
Supercruise SpeedMach 1.83 (1393 mph, 2442 km/h)
Service Ceiling20000 Meters (65620 Feet)
Combat Radius2000 Kilometers (1243 Miles)
Ferry Range5500 Kilometers (3418 Miles)
Max flight range with internal fuel reserve
Max flight range with one in-flight refuelling
Max T-O run at normal T-O weight (afterburner)
Max landing run at normal landing weight
Load factor limit, g

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