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Did Dictator Marcos had Accomplishments?

Today the Philippines is bringing back the old issue in the social media after 30 fuckin years.  The Marcos burial that was hidden to Philippine media caught the anti-Marcos by surprise and they launched rallies after that.   So many articles and stories of the late dictator popping up like mushrooms, even those who knew nothing about the past joined the rally.    After 30 years, those who are still alive are bringing the dark images of Martial Law again and they were inviting young ones to join them.   The Supreme court allows the burial, so the late President can be buried in the Hero's cemetery, but there are still a few who disagreed especially those who belong to the Aquino supporters.  But for some Filipinos it thought of the rallies as nonsense, arguing  on something that is already in the past is not healthy for the country anymore.

The point is, does Marcos deserves to be buried in the Hero's cemetery?   According to some history books, books authored by non-Filipinos that he was one of the best Presidents in his time.   But how sure? He was corrupt and there were violations of human rights during his final years ---- so how can people say that not one Filipino President after him can compare to him? We better watch his accomplishments that until now still being used by many.

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