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Milky Way Photography in the Philippines

Milky Way Photography in the Philippines
Good day guys I am currently doing astro photography for my video, actually I am really into film-making and only a portion of me into photography, but I have a good appreciation to astro photography that I wanted to integrate to my future videos.  So, the question is can it be achieved even you don't have those expensive cameras and lenses? The answer is YES!  What you need is :

1. your camera that can do manual settings and a wide angle lens.
2. apps that can help you locate the Scorpio and Sagittarius
3. Tripod
4. understanding the moon appearances and behavior
5. finding the spot with less light noises

Milky Way Photography in the Philippines

Milky Way Photography in the Philippines

Those pictures were just few shots I made before I did the time lapse of the milky way.

So, let's start! Again it is not an issue about the camera because if you are in the right spot and on the right night where there is a new moon or half moon and its location is far from the location of the milky way? You can see the the milky way in your naked eyes and with your camera you can capture it even with your ordinary lens.

First I was reading foreign articles and videos on how they shot the milky way, but it is kind of different if I follow everything they did because in the first place the appearance of new moon is different to our calendar.  So, what I did I check the calendar for the halfmoon and new moon, next you must know the Milkyway season -- that is from June to October.  

Next find a place where you shoot it with less light noises,  hence I was not prepared to go somewhere farther, so I simple went to neighboring parks that lights were off.

Now, here is the setting of your camera

Shutter speed - 10" to 15"  --- if you do timelapse the stars really moves beautifully with the speed
aperture  - 1.4f - 2.8f   - the lowest aperture the brighter it gets and it shows the milky way clearly, sometimes I got to 3.5f  if I want to balance the lighting with the structures captured.
ISO - 1000 - 1600  - do not exceed 1600 to avoid color noises
Focusing -  Target the structures for your focusing, the trees, the building, etc. no matter what the milky way is clear and ok.  Used only the Infinity in your lens if there structures or bridges are a bit out of distance.

Here are the apps and website I used:

1. http://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/philippines/manila   - very clever in telling you the moon appearances, dates and illumination

2.  Used this apps to help you scanning the sky at night -- search for Scorpion and Sagitarius  that is where milky way is playing.


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