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Duterte the Rock star in Philippine Politics

Duterte the rock starl
The Philippines is one of the coolest and beautiful countries in Southeast Asia, that is why it is the best country to spend your vacation. But the Philippines is not only popular in terms of tourism and among others. It is also very famous when it comes to election and politics.  Yap, Philippine politics is like a unique kind of war, where every politician is throwing mud to each other and sometimes very bloody and dirty.  But this new presidential race is something unique, that for so many years in the country's presidential race, I never experienced this different kind of phenomenon, that the people themselves are the ones pushing this simple man, a mayor in his province in Mindanao to run for President.  
The common people encouraged him, begged for him to run and when this mayor in Davao declined the call to run, his supporters never stopped, they used the social media to laud their need for Mr. Duterte to run to become the next President.  That is something really new to the history of Philippine politics, because that never happened before in the country, when the deadline was heading to a closure Duterte changed his mind and that's the start of his Rock star status.  Why would most Filipinos favor him? Imagined, he got strong support from most classes.  I did some research and watch several videos of his campaign sorties and I even joined in one of his campaign sorties, and yes this simple Mayor is indeed a Rock star.  I have attended presidential campaigns before, such as the FVRs, Eraps, and FPJs their supporters would have to pay people or bring showbiz personalities so that they could get screaming crowd.  The Duterte phenomenon is different.  When Duterte is going to visit a province or city, the people are waiting for him, even he comes late no complain at all, because these people are not just waiting him they also campaigning for him, that is right!  They brought with them their own handmade placards, banners, they even made a Du30 hair style, and most interesting of all is that these common people will spend to support Duterte's campaign, that's something cool right? I think this is first time since the time of Emilio Aguinaldo that the common Filipinos are willing to contribute for the sake of one man running for Presidency.  Because of this,  many of Duterte's detractors are doing intensive black propaganda activities to bring him down such as the alleged Duterte bank accounts that Sen. Trillanes claimed.  Duterte detractors grabbed the issue and used it in their campaign to hurt Duterte's lead, but most Filipinos are sick of black propaganda anymore, what is unique they are ones defending Duterte.  When the bank account was opened and proven that Duterte has no millions, his detractors are now using anything such as his cursing words, jokes, etc.  they even used the church to help them in putting Duterte down.   But Duterte is a rock star, the more they hate Duterte the more people lured to support him, kinda so amazing.  According to many political experts that every Filipino is sick to the current situation of the country and their support to Duterte is a sign that they are sick to the current system, sick to endless wars in Mindanao, criminality and corruption and their vote is some sort of  protest vote, their support to Duterte is kind of protest and for sure...they want a real change.  Well, but yes the rise of Duterte is also a threat to some traditional politicians and to current administration.
Duterte's platforms are unique and he speaks from the heart, meaning he is really gonna do it and yeah it sounds scary to those who are using the government for their personal interest or it could probably end the traditional political system of our government that is filled with corruption.  I tried to talk to some students and common folks about why they support Mr. Duterte and I am surprise that they have different answers but yet it jives to Duterte's platform. To the common folks they favored Duterte because he is the only one who is reliable leader that can solve the problem of growing criminality and drugs in the country and for the students, Duterte's plan to change the current government's system to Federalism is a game changer that can minimize or solve the country's corruption and can improve governance to most provinces in the country especially those in the south. 

When I attended one of his campaign sorties, I saw elderly people waiting for the coming of Duterte and they been there for three hours and they never complained, it was a sunny afternoon in Tagbilaran Bohol, when someone shouted that Duterte had just arrived,  it was 7 in the evening I think, you could see how excited they were,  When Duterte stood on the small stage, everybody was shouting his name and faces were filled with joy and energy,  Duterte was like a famous celebrity standing in front of them.  No wonder that man is a Rock star in the eyes of the common folks and to his detractors.

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