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Basic Against the Light Photography - Tutorial

 Against the light is something very interesting in outdoor photography that for some photographer  find it just a waste of time, but once you able to nail it well with proper post editing the result is magical.    I am not keen into indoor photography especially with the used of flash and triggers and lights, it is just too expensive for me, but I know who ever is doing those kind of photography their works are always the best.   Outdoor photography on the other hand is sort of cheap and the result could be also be great, all you need is proper camera setting, time and of course the sun.  So, today we are going to talk about it.  Before I move on here are samples I made for this blog.
A) Post processing:  Lightroom  settings below

A-1) Basic adjustment

A-2) Basic adjustment

B) Post processing:  Lightroom  settings below

B-1) Basic adjustment

B-2) Basic adjustment

B) Post processing:  Lightroom  settings below

Here is just a simple setting of Lightroom - settings soon
In my examples I put different post editing styles using Lightroom, the third example is simple using the Sample A style except that I did not adjust the RED.  So, how to achieve this kind of shot?  

Here are the settings of my camera:

I am using Canon 70D with 50mm 1.8 lens - cheap prime lens from Canon, it really doesn't matter what lens you prefer to use on your photoshoot. In my example i want to achieve a bokeh background so I used a prime 50mm lens.

1.  Camera setting - 1/2000   F1.8  ISO 800-1000
      I used ISO 800-1000 so that I could push my shutter speed to 1000 - 4000 and can play around with my aperture.   But aperture of 2.8 - 5.6 is also nice,  just adjust your shutter speed and do not go above ISO 1000.

2.  Hence our topic is against the sun, So our model must be at the front of the sun and using the sun's brightness as background effects, what is important here is find an angle that the face of your model is still visible and sharp.   That is the good reason I am using ISO 800-1000  so that I could have faster shutter speed enable me to achieve sharp picture while in bokeh and against the extreme light.

3. Time -  well it is always awesome to achieve this photoshoot at time 2pm - 3:30pm  that is where the sun is at the ears to shoulder part of your model.  

4. Enjoy!!!!


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