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An Interview with a real American Sniper

It was really amazing to unexpectedly meet a real sniper who happens to be a good story teller too. It was like watchin a sniper movie because it really so shocking knowing how bad the situations of most Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He had tour of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, 14 years all.  He was one of the best snipers in the US Army, but he did not disclose his number of kills. His family is in Military no wonder he excelled in his ranks and become the best.  He also shared his battle with PTSD and how he overcome it and live a normal life.  It was great talking with him and we had an hour of discussion but the video that I could share to you is only 5 minutes, I was out memory and was bad that I have not recorded some of the best parts of our discussion.  He really love his country and if given a chance want to back to the Army again.

Watch our short conversation.

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