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American Sniper - The Best Sniper Movie with an Issue?

American Sniper - IssuesWorldWar42 will tackle this interesting topic that is getting bigger in the world of Films, I am talking about the movie American Sniper.  Just two weeks after the movie was released critics flooding, I really don't understand them much why? But, if you watch the film and as a film maker --- I really love the way Clint Eastwood put the action, drama, etc. in one awesome movie, but yeah for those who are after for the authenticity of the story and to the character that the actor is portraying, well they have their own way of expressing their feelings.    If you have seen the past sniper films such as "Sniper", "Enemy at the Gates", "Shooter" and even "Saving Private Ryan" the snipers in those films have something in common when they put the crosshair on their target's head ----- no hesitation to kill.

But, so what's the big deal with  the American Sniper?  Snipers are trained to kill with no remorse that is part of their training.  Well, the reason that American Sniper is different, bombarded with criticisms by some? It is because the movie is a biopic of Chris Kyle, the legendary Sniper in Iraq and for those who knew Kyle or hated Kyle, or hated his job, his being a sniper --- Eastwood could have made the man  different.  But, hey what the heck!  The point is whether it was America's fault to put soldiers in Iraq to kill people who were just defending their country, we cannot blame Kyle of his being ruthless with his job.  He was just a dedicated soldier who follows orders and did an interesting

American Sniper - Issues
American Sniper
performance with his career as a sniper, and that made him a man that according to some was a heartless, no conscience sniper.  Well, I may agree with his being cruel with his targets, he could not have had achieved his 160 confirm kills if he was soft.  But, I still believe that he was a gentleman and a man of honor, and if you are a soldier with that number of kills it is impossible that you would not struggle moral dilemmas when you are home and with your family.  Life in the battlefield and life at home are two different worlds that every soldier finds it difficult to adjust, and I think Kyle experienced that too.   Clint is just doing his job too, showing us the cruelty of war in director's perspective (They might consider it sugar coated)  but in reality deep inside the heart of  the sniper  who was in a critical situation and about to squeeze the trigger for a kill --- sympathy is a decision  ---- that put the lives of his fellow soldiers at stake.
 In war nobody thinks of mercy anymore, it's all about who squeezes  the trigger first.

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