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Women nurses in World War 2 - Facts

Author: Ocee

 In history of many wars in the world, Women nurses play a big role.  They have shown bravery and courage to overcome fear and be able to fulfill their duty.  Many wounded soldiers died in World War II not just because of their wounds but because many of them did not have the determination to survive the pain and suffering of war.   World War 2 nurses would assess and in most cases give medical assistance to the soldiers wounded or not, friend or foe, and I guess that is a commitment of a military nurse.  Many women nurses served in the war zone and suffered the same faith as ordinary soldiers in the battle field and that proves that they are dedicated to serve even in a risky situation. Women contributed high merits in the succession of World War II, many of them served as support personnel in the military and no doubt that women would rather join the army nurses than to work home, while their men busy fighting overseas. 
 The army preferred women for the military nursing jobs, why? Because they are the one most reliable and available to help those who are wounded, women nurses in most cases directly assess the wounded and suffered soldiers but excluded in most combat missions, which is the work of the combat medics.  But War spares no one not even a hospital and that is one good reason why there were many recorded medical practitioners such as nurses killed during the Second World War.   As the battles in World War 2 spread the number of casualties also increasing and many women nurses were deployed in different hot zones both in the pacific and Europe, but even these women knew that they are stepping in a hostile zone not one of them showed fear, I guessed the passion to care the wounded and the sick is what made them what they are. Soon many Women became nurses and gave their nursing expertise in various fields, some went to the Red Cross, and some served in military hospitals.  Around seventy four thousand (74,000) Women served in the US army and navy nurse’s corps in World War II.
 In Russia women Nurses joined the battle as combat medics. Thousands of them witnessed the horrifying battles in Leningrad and the mounting casualties as they moved the war towards Berlin, but even so their dedication to risk their lives so that others may live is something unforgettable as a matter of fact there were hundreds of Russian combat nurses died on the battlefield lying dead together with their patients.
In Germany women nurses worked together hand in hand with their doctors and even they were told to evacuate their hospitals due to allied bombings they preferred to stay with their patients.  Germany’s medical team usually use buildings as hospitals and sometimes their markings could not be seen by allied bombers so they become easy targets to their enemies.  During the battle in Berlin many nurses died by aerial bombardments and what is sad to think about they died serving their patients.
In the Philippines many Filipino nurses served two masters, their hospital patients and those in the guerrilla units.  Wounded guerrillas seek help from local nurses to asses their wounded comrade and that is a risky job, that in some cases they would go to the mountains to help a wounded guerrilla then back to town to work as a nurse in a Japanese infested hospital.   In one occasion a nurse shared her story that she was almost caught by a Japanese collaborator that she was helping a wounded guerrilla.   Many Filipino nurses were targeted by Japanese collaborators and spies, and that is the reason why there were so many recorded imprisonments of nurses during the Second World War.
During World War II women from Australia fulfilled also the same role. During the war many of them were loss, about three thousand four hundred seventy seven (3,477) served, seventy one (71) of them never returned. That only shows how difficult the task was but they had successfully showed bravery for their country, some became prisoners by Japanese forces, in order to survive they used their friendships, mutual support but some of them didn’t make it out alive.
How many soldiers during World War 2 could have been dead if our women nurses did nothing to help them.  This article is dedicated to all Second World War women nurses who dedicated their lives and service to the sick and wounded during the dark years of World War 2.

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