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Political Catastrophe: Dispute between Philippines and China

“A continuing Political Catastrophe: Dispute between Philippines and China”
By: risenjens

One certain thing that I cannot argue with is the conception of the essence of conflict definitely right at the moment of my consciousness.There was no point in time for conflict to cease to takes place. Thus, conflict exists throughout time.
The clash in the acquisition of a territory is an inevitable occurrence, however, it might result either a minor calamity or an immense disaster, mainly world war. It is reported that China’s claim to Scarborough Shoal manifested from one of their contentions that the said territory was discovered by the Chinese navigators as used by Chinese fishermen for centuries, and under the administration of China since 15th century. On the other side of a coin, Philippines wrestled as it argued that, the Spratly Islands and the Scarborough Shoal came to prominence when, in 1956, a successful lawyer-businessman, known to many as ‘Vice-Admiral’ Tomas Cloma Sr. issued an open notice to the world about his claim to the group of islands, islets, coral reefs, shoals, and sand cays comprised within what he called Freedomland and the nearby seven-island group, the Spratly islands. He said he discovered the islands during many fishing expeditions to the South China Sea between 1947 and 1956. To cite one, both presented because in legality, discovery and occupation is one of the modes in acquiring a territory. 

In my own lens, no matter how firm an International Law governing the relationship between States, but if it involves “power”, the chances of war is overwhelmingly evident, just like the World War I as well as the World War II. As almost everyone wants a happy ending, rest assured that the dispute between Philippines and China will end. But now, many of us bear this big question, “In what manner will the dispute put to an end?” It could be a peaceful negotiation but it could also be a forceful measure. Just recently, report showed that the two (2) parties continued to execute close monitoring to the disputed territory just to prove to the world that both are capable and deserving to own such territory.It is our own discretion to analyze and conclude. We should hope that the economic gap between Philippines and China will not be used in expediting the issue but should be decided solely from the principle of legality. Apparently,Philippines remains to be as it is as China does but remarkable changes could happen just for a single political catastrophe.

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