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South China Sea crisis could lead to World War 3

Modern Warfare- History repeats itself and it happen many times that sometimes we did not know that it is already happening.  Let’s take the invasion of Poland for example, if it was prevented Hitler could not have the courage to march his soldiers to other neighboring countries after Poland.   China is becoming aggressive to her neighbors in South China Sea and her leaders have plans to take back what they believe is theirs, they have claimed the entire South China Sea. China heightens their Military strength in South-East Asia, which brought fear to her neighbors. If we look back to the past, before Hitler mobilized his Army he was also boosting his Military strength in Europe, which stirred fear to her neighboring countries.  No one dared to stop Hitler when he was still gearing his army and that gave him the determination to plan his attack ahead.  Should we wait for the worst to come in South China Sea?  War can be prevented if the crisis like the one in South China Sea will be settled diplomatically in the higher courts.  But that is only possible if China would put her ambition to an end, and be united with other claimants in South China Sea.

South China Sea is shared by many nations in South-East Asia including China.   It should not be claimed by just one country just because of its history. We all know that the rich resources lies beneath is one of the reasons of the greed. If History is the basis that a country could claim the entire South-China Sea then other countries could also use that excuse to ignore UNCLOS and other International Laws that provided us the peace the we cherished after World War II.  Hitler in his time did not respect international laws such as the Versailles Treaty; he even removed Germany from the League of Nations. If a country believes that her military strength could stand against all odds then War is inevitable, unless they still believe in fair diplomatic solution.   Hitler invaded Poland because he believed that he had the strength to destroy those who dare to oppose his desire.  Today, almost all countries in South-East Asia especially those who have claims in South China Sea are preparing for the worst to come, and that is not good, they should break their silence and bring the issue to the international tribunal before China could find a reason to fire their missiles.    
If South China Sea crisis would lead to another World War, it would be the worst one.  Why? Major key players of the crisis have super-powers backing them which would possibly could trigger a War of super powers (China, America, Russia), but the shadow of war would not be shared by them alone, the chain reaction could possibly lead to more wider wars which would involve Japan, South Korea,North Korea, Taiwan, India, Pakistan and Iran. Let’s just hope that the crisis would not reach to Europe.  What is scary, many of those countries I mentioned have Nuclear weapons and most of those countries that faced-off with China have weapons that could only defend their country for days.    While the crisis can still be tamed, I hope our World leaders could picture out the possibility of the worst to come and would do something to calm the tension.  Re-arming small countries is not the solution it would only worsen the tension and probably would trigger more tensions. War would only bring destruction to every country involve and there is no victors War, but only long term suffering. Le'ts pray that our leaders would think for a peaceful solution to the crisis and make all the possible ways to maintain the peace that we enjoy for many years.

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