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The Aggressive China to South China Sea

The scarborough shoal is a triangle-shaped chain of reefs and rocks or very small islands 55 kilometres (34 mi) in circumference with a total area including shallow water areas of 150 square kilometers. The shoal encompasses a shallow lagoon measuring 130 km² and approximately 15 metres (49 ft) deep. The shoal is a protrusion from a 3,500 m deep abyssal plain.  The shoal is just 137 miles from the Philippines and 400 nautical miles away from China.  China presented historical documents claiming that they own the entire South China Sea including the Scarborough shoal would you believe that?  The Philippines have also presented documents way back from Spanish and American occupations that they own the shoal.  Why China suddenly became so greedy to the entire South China Sea?  Philippines and China are signatories of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.  Do we have to listen to historical claims of China and not the International laws that both countries agreed?  When the Philippines wanted the issue to be carried out to the International court China reacted and wanted bilateral talks instead.  Do you think that they are fair? The Philippines have only sent 2 coast guard boats to guard its sovereignty while China sent 8 of their finest ships.   
According to many Filipino fishermen before the tension of both countries started they had good relationship with Chinese fishermen they sailed together, but the only thing they don’t like with the Chinese fishermen are the way they do fishing.  They destroyed the corals and poached precious endangered shells and sharks, which the Philippine Government is protecting for many years.   China's controlled media told their people that the Philippine Navy harassed their fishermen, but the reality was the Philippine Navy was just taking pictures to the illegal catch they had.  China is gearing their arm forces they have increased their military budget, where would it lead to?    It has been known that the shoal has the following:
1. Natural Resources like fishes and corals etc.
2. Natural Gas 
3. Minerals
4. Huge Oil Deposit in Scarborough Shoal Island 

The huge oil deposit is the main reason why they wanted the shoal so badly. 

China is a rich country, a superpower, while the Philippines is just one of the third world countries in South East Asia and they don't have the best Navy to compete with China.  China should listen to the international law of the sea  if they want to have peace with her neighbors.  They have occupied the spratly islands even it is own by other countries and soon they would take it all, it seems they know how to fool small countries and use their might to get what they want and not listening to international laws anymore.   They did that with Vietnam, they used force -- soon they would do that to the Philippines.

Both countries are making ways to solve the tension diplomatically but it is unfair that China keep insisting that the Philippines should stay away from their property, that is not the way to talk diplomatically to a neighbor.  If they are sincere with their claims they must settle it with the international court not by bullying small countries and scaring them.  Many military analysts thought that China is just buying time, they know that Philippines and America has strong military ties and its very early for them to challenge America's Navy. China just bought their first aircraft carrier and they planned to build more to complete their carrier fleet.  They already have nuclear submarines and stealth fighter planes, but they still need more training to become familiar with their new weapons. They have been hacking America's network for many years, which America thought could led to Cyber-war.  China believed that the Americans are dependent to satellite technology system and they thought that if they could crash the system America would be defenseless.  They said in their news papers that the Philippines could not win support over the tension on Scarborough Shoal and the people are divided. It could be right that the Philippine People are divided towards the issue and that is because Filipinos are peace lovers they don't want to have enemies, but one thing for sure they also don't like being bullied by China.    They Philippine government may not have the best weapon to fight their rights but historically Filipinos are seasoned defenders they have been in many wars since the time of Magellan. 


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