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The Stoning of Women in Iran - Its global impact!

World War Stories - Stoning of women in Iran absolutely does not happen all the time. Some people say it happens on a regular basis, but I don’t know about that.  The Government of Iran might be looking for a distraction to calm the issues pertaining to their nuclear plants, which caused tension to their neighboring countries. The political issues the Iran Government is facing is indeed can caught attention to the world, but the issue on stoning of a woman is more destructive in the moral view.
The stoning sentence is against human moral and dignity in two ways. First, the right to live is an intrinsic right that cannot be taken away, which means, it is the right to live and that should shape law and be the criteria for forging it and not the other way around. Second, the stoning sentence is a barbaric or a violent punishment and furthermore it is a great insult to human dignity.
If we go to Islamic laws pertaining to stoning:
The traditional Islamic jurisprudence states that stoning verdict is a legal command but though it is in Quran but it has no clear basis. Verse 15 and 16 of al- Nisā, deals about the punishment for adultery for the first time in the following terms: “If any of your women are guilty of adultery, take the evidence of four witnesses amongst you against them, and if they testify, confine them to houses until death claims them, or Allah ordains for them some [salvation] path.” And “if two among you are guilty of vileness, punish them both. If they repent and amend, leave them alone for Allah is kind and merciful.”  It is very clear that mercy still given.
The Regulations for stoning in traditional Islamic jurisprudence are as follows.
Each criminal act can be proven in only 2 ways:

first is Sight
second is Confession

The proof of the criminal act of adultery of sight requires the presence of following conditions:

1.  Accused must be married.
2. Accused has access to the spouse.
3. Accused must have reasons.
4. Accused must be in legal age.
5. Accused must be endowed with free will and engaged in the act without force.
6. Accused must know about the punishment.
7. Accused must know everything about the subject.
8. There should be testimony of four men.
9. All four must be just.
10. Their justness of the four must have been proven.
11. The four men must have witnessed the felony simultaneously.
12. They must swear simultaneously and if they did not witness the offense simultaneously or one testified later, all four will be subjected to lashes.
13. All the individuality and facts of the evidence should be the same and if, for instance, one or two people report from various places or angles, the crime is not proven.
14. The witnesses should state under oath willingly without any reservations.
15. The testimonies of the witnesses should bear out to them being witness to the act of adultery is its “completeness,” meaning that a thread cannot pass between the two bodies, so to speak.
The sentence of stoning in Iran for the past years have not only hurting our morality and dignity but also they did not 100 percent follow the standards of the traditional Islamic jurisprudence for the following reasons:

1.  Confessed individuals are  under prison conditions and some being abused.
2. Many confessions easily accepted and without much resistance.
3. Majority of those who confessed disavowed their confessions, but their disavowals were not accepted anymore.
4.  When stoning is implemented the criteria of the presence of the most just, with due attention to purity, was not observed.
5. Most stoning is done within the premises of the Prison and being implemented by the police force.
 6. It was observed that big stones were used, which could surely struck a cruel death to the victim.
 7. Individuals that were able to flee the pit were again placed in the pit in such a way to make flight impossible and be killed.

There are countries in the world that their women are sentenced to death because of adultery stirred concerns to many women in the world.  We are now in the century of peace, justice and prosperity.   Taking one’s life at a cost of morality seem unfair, there is no justice there but instead pain and suffering.  If the case is Rape that can be a moral concern, but we all know that, Rape is a crime which involves Forceful actions, which can be considered an attempt to murder someone.   Sentencing a rapist to death by lethal injection, hanging, or electric chair are considered fair, but letting that Rapist die by stoning, then that is not fair.  We punish someone because we want to teach him a lesson or setting-up an example to the community.  Sentencing a criminal to death is already a harsh lesson, but stoning is a barbaric lesson and it will be more barbaric if done to women. And if the verse was descended to lessen the previous punishment (life imprisonment), a harsher punishment such as execution or death by stoning cannot be rendered.

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