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First Class Gun making in the Philippines

 Guns are something dreaded to hear! However in Danao, Cebu, it means money and business. When you visit Danao you could see small shops that looks like a metal-craft workshop, but what is hidden under their tables are famous gun replicas that looks the same as the original one.
It all started during World War 2, many Filipino blacksmiths were able to create replicas of the American rifles and pistols to supply the needs of the guerrillas.  The Japanese thought that Filipino guerrillas were short of weapons but they were wrong, in fact there were so many Guerrilla and Japanese skirmishes in southern Cebu.  Now, Danao is the center of the country's' underground gun making industry.  Danao has more than 100,000 occupants and majority of the residents participated in the gun making industry.  The demand for the replicas of the popular guns opened job opportunities to many people of Danao and many have abandoned their basic livelihood such as farming and fishing.   A gunsmith in Danao could earn $80 to $200 for one revolver compared to their previous jobs.  So imagine if a gunsmith could finish 5 revolvers in one day, but most likely gunsmith are not just making revolvers they can make submachine guns and automatic rifles, and of course the price is higher.

How about the materials used to their guns is it the same materials used by the original weapons?  The truth is they are just using the basic metals that you can find in the shipyard.  Though the construction procedure may not be that good but the end product is as effective and similar to the original.  The industry started to become famous when they first developed an exact replica of an US revolver and after that everything changed, local and foreign customers poured the industry with revenues.  Today, Danao gunsmithing can duplicate high-powered firearms such as the M-16 and AK-47 to Uzi and Ingram sub-machine guns. What is interesting? Their craftsmanship improved, they can modify the original design and add some of their own unique version to increase firing rates and bullet capacities. Modified add-on such as "silencers" is also available.

So, If you want to purchase one, it is through "cash only basis". Most of their local customers are politicians, military personnel and ordinary civilians. These replicas are even exported abroad and being used by some Japanese Yakuza and other criminal elements from Taiwan to China.

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