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Racism In the West: Brown is the new Black?

World War Stories - When Obama took office in November of 2008, America shows the world that they erase the history of racism toward its minorities.  The world has witnessed a new face of in the Western world and that opens the eyes to the many blacks and browns in the West.  Although the first black president of America faced so many criticisms from those who dissatisfied with his policies, a new form of racism has taken root. This new form of racism is about the West against the Brown and the Asians.  We all know that most of the Western countries dislike the unstopping growth of the Brown and Asians in their countries and the worst thing is Asians and Brown people excelled on their careers in the West and in some European countries.  Sooner or later America will be ruled by the Brown and the Asians and of course these people knows how to handle almost all the best for a country to improve.   What is not good to hear is America is making ways to discriminate these people in many ways through their policies, and it is really bad.  Many Asians work in the US with no work benefits and with low salaries and they never complain, but many Americans discriminate them in many ways, for instance if you are Muslim, Hispanic, or just well tanned, you are automatically labelled as suspect. If you are brown, it is now longer your right to board an airplane, drive a car or go to a hospital.  Mexicans also felt the same discrimination even though they are making their own population in America for so long.

Here is a comment from a  reader:
As an average American I actually feel sorry for many of the South Asians I encounter. Most will complain vigorously about racism and stereotyping that they face, but are incapable of understanding the correlation between this and the racism and stereotyping they inflict on others. But what I find to be truly sad is the level of self-loathing many carry internally. They seem to have an obsession with "light-skin" despite the fact that most of them of have dark-brown skin. Dangerous skin-lightening products are commonly used and brazenly marketed in South Asian communities. Images of South Asians in the media are often "photo-shopped" to make them appear lighter than they actually are. Its a shame that they have yet to have their own version of the "black is beautiful" movement.

The West is making a culture that White is superior and the rest are not, and that makes most brown and some south-east Asians to use what ever cosmetics to make them look white.

Brown and Racism - Read this

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