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World War 1 Battle Pictures

World War 1 Pictures - World War 1 as mention by most writers is considered as the most bloody and the most expensive one, you may ask why? Hmm very simple this is the War where most countries are competing in creating new weapons and machines for war.  As a matter of fact not only machines were created in World War 1, but also new strategies and armor.  So here are some great new pictures of World War 1, that gives you the taste of battle and weaponry.

World War 1 Pictures
World War 2 Pictures


World War 1 Grenade Launcher

World War 1 Battle trains

The German Tank
The World War 1 Battle

German Soldiers waiting orders

British Troops on the way to cross

German Rifleman

Casualty of War

World War 1 Dogs of War
World War 1 Tanks and Trenches

War of the Machines in World War 1

A unique Transport

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