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Life in the trenches during World War 1

World War 1 - The trench war could be something that the modern military today would say "A strategy that wasted so much time, money and lives".  There were thousands of men died on the trenches and some of these men haven't fired a single bullet.  What was the life of the soldier during World War 1, how was their life during the Trench War?   I have found these interesting article that explains the agony and death of both the British and German soldiers during the Trench War in World War 1.

Life in the trenches was often said to be hell on earth and nobody could ever argue to the contrary.
Death, disease, Mutilated limbs, lice, rats maggots and insects were all around those poor fighting men, who lived minute by minute hoping that the next bullet didn't have their name written on it.

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