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World's top combat Helicopters

World War Stories - Here the World's top combat helicopters! Tested and experienced great accomplishments in many combat zones. Helicopters before are just used solely for rescue and recon, sometimes it is used to assist thing that any man can't handle. But now helicopters are used in war and preferably to help win the war. So here are the list of the World's top attack choppers.

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1. AH-64

The AH-64 Apache is a four-blade, twin-engine combat helicopter with tandem cockpit for a crew of two. The Apache is a replacement to AH-1 Cobra. The AH-64 has the best feature for a combat chopper: a nose-mounted sensor suite for target acquisition and night vision systems. It is equipped with a 30-millimeter (1.2 in) M230 Chain Gun attached between the main landing gear, under the aircraft's forward fuselage. The AH-64 also carries a combination of AGM-114 Hellfire and Hydra 70 rocket pods on its hardpoints attached on stub-wing pylons. It also features double- and triple-redundant aircraft systems to enhance survivability for the aircraft and crew in battle, as well as improved crash survivability for the pilots.
  • Two high-performance turbo shaft engines and maximum cruise speed of 284 kph
  • Laser, infrared, and other systems (including target acquisition designation sight/pilot night vision sensor) to locate, track, and attack targets
  • A combination of laser-guided precision Hellfire missiles, 70mm rockets, and a 30mm automatic cannon with up to 1,200 high-explosive, dual-purpose ammunition rounds

2. EuroCopter Tiger (EC 655)

The Eurocopter Tiger is created from 80% carbon fiber reinforced polymer and Kevlar, 11% aluminum, and 6% titanium, which makes its body light and bullet proof. The rotors are made from fiber-plastic, which can hold to what ever combat damages and direct hit from ground attacks. The chopper has great protection against lightning and electromagnetic pulse through its embedded copper/bronze grid and copper bonding foil. The combat helicopter is installed with the following: AN/AAR-60 MILDS System ensuring radar warning, a laser warning system, and a missile launch/approach detector developed by EADSDE and all these gadgets are connected to a central processing unit. The chopper is equipped with a chin-mounted 30 mm gun turret and can carry 68 mm SNEB unguided rockets or 20 mm machine cannons for the fire support role and Mistral air-to-air missiles. For countermeasures the chopper carries radar/laser/missile launch/missile approach warning receivers and decoy launchers. This chopper is a 100% combat helicopter and it is proven in many war zones.

3. Mil Mi-24 HIND

The Mil Mi-24 is a huge helicopter gunship and troop transport chopper that can carry 8 personnel; it is used by over thirty nations. The body of this combat helicopter is well- armored and can handle direct hits from .50 calibers (12.7 mm) which includes the titanium rotor blades. The cockpit has more thick armor with titanium tub and can hold hits from 37mm cannon rounds. The attack and transport chopper is the replacement of older Mi-24 helicopters and modern versions will come by 2015. The chopper can carry fexible 12.7 mm Gatling guns with a maximum of 1,470 rounds and its fixed or flexible twin-barrel can handle handle 450 to 750 rounds of ammo. The chopper is equipped with machine gun, guided rocket pods and missile launchers.

4. Kamov K-52

The Kamov Ka-50 series is one of the best attack choppers of day.  Ka-50 (single –seater) and Ka-52 (two-seater: Pilot and weapons officer).  Survivability of it pilot is improved through its 160 lb of armor in the cockpit and its heat suppressors in the engines to minimize infrared signature.
The weapon has overwhelming armaments:
one 2A42 30-mm cannon (500 rds max, 280 rds typical)
2 stub-wings with 4 hardpoints and 2 wingtip hardpoints
Air-to-Air Missile
R-60/AA-8 Aphid, R-73/AA-11 Archer, Igla-V
Air-to-Surface Missile
up to 12 AT-9 Ataka or AT-16 Vikhr anti-tank, Kh-25ML/AS-10 Karen anti-radiation, Kh-25MP/AS-12 Kegler
FAB-250/500, KAB-500Kr
up to four 20-round B-8 80-mm rocket pods, up to four 5-round 122-mm rocket pods, UPK-23-250 gun pod, GUV-8700 machine gun pod, PLAB weapons dispenser, chaff/flare pods

5. Mi-28A attack helicopter Havoc

The Mi-28A helicopter is powered by its two powerful TV3-117VMA turbo shaft engines, which is attached on either side of the fuselage. It is equipped with an auxiliary power unit for self- contained operation. The thermal signature of the helicopter has been minimized by a factor of 2.5x compared to its predecessor, the Mi-24. The Mi-28 has a fully armored cockpit including its windshield which holds impact by 7.62 and 12.7 mm bullets and 20 mm shell fragments that makes this chopper invincible.

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