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World War 2 - Rare Pictures of Battle of Okinawa

If we talk about the fierce battles in the Pacific during World War 2, I would say the Battle of Okinawa was one of the most bloody battles in the Pacific and Japs did their best to defend it at all cost.  The Battle was the most fierce and bloody it has the highest number of casualties among all the Battles in the Pacific, the Japanese lost 100,000 or more troops while the Allies lost 65,000 plus troops. What's worst the civilians committed suicides to evade capture from the advancing American soldiers. 
U.S. losses were over 62,000 casualties of whom over 12,500 were killed or missing. This made the battle the bloodiest that U.S. forces experienced in the Pacific war. Several thousand servicemen who died indirectly (from wounds and other causes) at a later date are not included in the total. One of the most famous U.S. casualties was the war correspondent Ernie Pyle, who was killed by Japanese machine gun fire on Ie Shima. U.S. forces suffered their highest-ever casualty rate for combat stress reaction during the entire war, at 48%, with some 14,000 soldiers retired due to nervous breakdown.
During the battle, U.S. soldiers found it difficult to distinguish civilians from soldiers. It became routine for U.S. soldiers to shoot at Okinawan houses, as one infantryman wrote, "There was some return fire from a few of the houses, but the others were probably occupied by civilians – and we didn't care. It was a terrible thing not to distinguish between the enemy and women and children. Americans always had great compassion, especially for children. Now we fired indiscriminately."

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