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Nazis planned bio-chemical attacks on Britain during World War II?

I just research a very scary article about the Nazi plans for the England on World War 2. The people of Britain already suffered when the Luftwaffe bombed their cities at night time and killing innocent civilians and we did not know that Hitler was planning more scary tactic. He planned to attack Britain with poisonous gas same as the Germans did during World War 1.

According to the documents, British intelligence suggested Germany had stockpiled large amounts of chemical weapons and carried out tests using anthrax-infected mortar shells and a foot-and-mouth disease spray. An unconfirmed report even suggested that the Nazis had developed a gas which could stop car engines from working, the secret documents released by the National Archives reveal.
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rexdgrey said...

Hitler was always be a psychopathic idiot, the only problem was is that during WW2 he had a friend name joseph stalin and between both of them were the live of 20 million Russians and Germans not counting the jews and the countries were they both play a lot. The western powers were also to blame for the rise of Hitler.