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Heroic Photos of World War 2 : Nurses on the Battlefield

Here are one of the best Photos of Nurses in World War 2.  They saved so many lives at great risk of their own.  These nurses were heroes in World War II, but only few of us remembered them.  Many of these nurses die in service, but their great sacrifices were not forgotten.  This is a tribute to their heroism in saving lives and in comforting those who suffered physically and emotionally.

US Army Nurses in Gas Mask

US Army Nurse Attending the wounded

German Medics Checking the ambulance -- look at the bullet holes

Red Army Nurse helping the SS

US Army Nurse giving ration

Japanese Nurses joined Japanese Army

German Nurse Helping the wounded

Russian Nurse helping the wounded

Red Army Nurse attending the wounded

Red Army Nurse comforting the patient

The Proud nurses of the Red Army

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