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Atrocities of the Red Army in World War II

In 1945 when the War in Europe was about to end and if you were a German your heart would start beating so hard that your panicking sometimes would lead you to commit suicide. The Allied forces were moving so fast from different sides of the country and everyone had mixed emotions, feelings on where to raise their white flags - to the Americans and British forces or to the Russians.
There were recorded of atrocities by allied forces that includes the Americans and the British forces but nothing compared to the Atrocities by the Red Army particularly their actions towards the German Women. This article will chronicle the rape cases of the Red Army during the closing years of World War II.

Red Army
Estimated range from tens of thousands to 2 million were raped by the Red Army. Around 100,000 women are believed to have been raped in Berlin based on abortion records in hospital reports during the occupation. It is considered the largest mass rape in history. I read somehwere that approximately 10% of German children born from June 1945 to December 1945 had Russian fathers. This is gruesome savage acts by the Red Army during their occupation in Germany. If Japan had committed rapes in Nanking, but it when it comes to numbers the Russians won. World War II brought nations to chaos and millions were killed women, children and adults. And people from both sides accepted the fact that war means destruction and deaths. But Post War rapes is something unforgiven and gruesome, and what is worst the officers of these Red Army supported the brutal actions of these men.
In Vienna alone they raped 100,000 women, not once but many times, including girls not yet in their teens, and aged women." - Reverend Bernard Griffin, British Archbishop
"The day after our noble Soviet allies conquered Neisse, Silesia, 182 Catholic nuns were raped. In the diocese of Kattowitz 66 pregnant nuns were counted. In one convent when the Mother Superior and her assistant tried to protect the younger nuns with outstretched arms, they were shot down. A priest reported in Nord Amerika magazine for November 1, 1945, that he knew "several villages where all the women, even the aged and girls as young as twelve, were violated daily for weeks by the Russians."
The Russians entered Germany with hatred and for them everybody should be punished. They had no respect to anyone including the dead and the adults. They raped almost everyone they'd encountered and for some cases they would kill their victim.Soviet soldiers saw rape, often carried out in front of a woman's husband and family, as an appropriate way of humiliating the Germans, who had treated Slavs as an inferior race with whom sexual relations were discouraged. Russia's patriarchal society and the habit of binge-drinking were also factors, but more important was resentment at the discovery of Germany's comparative wealth.

The fact, highlighted by Beevor, that Soviet troops raped not only Germans but also their victims, recently liberated from concentration camps, suggests that the sexual violence was often indiscriminate, although far fewer Russian or Polish women were raped when their areas were liberated compared to the conquered Germans.

Jews, however, were not necessarily regarded by Soviet troops as fellow victims of the Nazis. The Soviet commissars had commandeered German concentration camps in order to incarcerate their own political prisoners, who included "class enemies" as well as Nazi officials, and their attitude towards the previous inmates was, to say the least, unsentimental.
As for the millions of Russian prisoners or slave workers who survived the Nazis: those who were not executed as traitors or sent to the Gulag could count themselves lucky. The women among them were probably treated no better than the Germans, perhaps worse. After the summer of 1945, Soviet soldiers caught raping civilians were usually punished to some degree, ranging from arrest to execution.The rapes continued, however, until the winter of 1947–48, when Soviet occupation authorities finally confined Soviet troops to strictly guarded posts and camps,“completely separating them from the residential population in the Soviet zone of Germany.
As early as 1950's victims were sprouting telling stories about the Red Army rape cases. These stories open doors to public opinions about the Red Army's action in occupied Germany. The effects of this rape stories tinted the heroism of the Red Army during World War II in fact most of the neighboring countries disgusted the Red Army because of the stories they had heard.
Red Army Killing Spree
Killing of the prisoners and sending of their own people to the Gulag were one of the harsh actions they did. I think Stalin does not want cowards in his country, but to be caught as prisoners by the Germans is not and act of Cowardice but gallantry, to save the lives of your men and of your own. Only idiots who fight for a war when they know they have no chance of winning. There were thousands of soldiers Russians of Germans sent to Russian camps who were not able to return home. There were also massacres in every part of Russian territory to suppress people from raising their disgust to Stalin. 

The Rape Issues and killing of POWs and their own soldiers were some of the unforgettable tragedies in the past War that turn out to be the modern stories, which we are disgusted to hear. The effects of War and the mixed of Military Power were the caused of these atrocities committed by the Red Army. There is no victory in War only Death and destruction. We hope that we all learn from the events of the Past. The War in Afghanistan, Iraq and is some other parts of the world would soon become a mirror of world war 2, let's make ways to halt it before it becomes more destructive and uncontrollable.


Anonymous said...

what a brazen lie...

Anonymous said...

all russians disgust me

Anonymous said...

I do not trust a Russian l am German lets make them pay for what they did

Anonymous said...

The Germans raped over 10 million Soviet women during ww2, they raped more women and for a longer period of time but this has almost completely been forgotten

In 1942 the germans themselves acknowledged that there were 1 million germn fathered babies in the ussr

The germans raped more women by a factor of 20, committed more atrocities by a factor of 100

Yet many7 see the Germans as victims

And of course the other axis members hungary and romania also raped and committed many atrocities

Anonymous said...

Tales of Nazi atrocities are jewish lies. The German soldier acted as gentlemen towards the Soviet civilian population and the Red Army prisoners were treated in accord with the Geneva Convention. It is the Russians who acted like animals.